one year later…

Completely by chance, I decided to check up on my blog this afternoon.  And I discovered, interestingly enough, that it had been exactly one year since my last published post.

I’ve been told that the key to successful blogging is regularity.  Well… fuck that, I guess…

Seriously, though, I don’t necessarily enjoy the fact that I’ve been so sporadic in my writing.  It’s just a consequence of the schedule I’ve been keeping lately (keep in mind:  that’s an explanation, not an excuse).  By which I mean, my pattern for the last couple of years has been to spend nine or ten months in rehearsal for one production or another (often overlapping), and not having much mental energy left over for anything other than the shows I’m either currently rehearsing or preparing to rehearse.  Extra-curriculars like writing get shoved to the back of closet.

And not just blogging… I, theoretically, have two plays still very much in the early first-draft-creation stage that I’ve made exactly zero progress on the last year.  It’s not for lack of trying.  It’s just that every time I open up the Word doc to start pounding out new dialogue, I just end up re-reading everything I’ve already done, feeling satisfied with that, and calling it a day.

I’m guessing that’s not how complete plays actually get written…

At any rate, I’m at my annual down-time.  That is, I’m not in rehearsal for anything (at all!), and I don’t have any productions on the calendar until late spring.  That means I can 1.) keep the kitchen clean, 2.) mow the lawn more than once a month, and 3.) get back to the various writing projects that have waited patiently, yet neglected, for the better part of the last year.

We’ll see what happens.


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