that kind of day…

This kid is so much cooler than I will ever be…



I saw this kid — Evan Main — perform with his trio Saturday afternoon at a local church fundraiser, and they just tore it up. I was way impressed.


I guess I’m in a HuffingtonPost sort of mood today.  I’ve just kinda been snatching interesting material from other people’s sites tonight… fun, huh?


Truth be told, it’s difficult to get excited about yet ANOTHER Disney musical in the pipeline, but this one really has been long overdue.  Not to mention, Jeremy Jordan and Andrew Keenan-Bolger are pretty dreamy.  But mostly, it would be nice if a show like this — with its practically all-male cast and ridiculously athletic choreography — can continue to show young men what musical theatre has to offer:


I’ve been feelin’ this song a lot lately.  I’ve tried contacting the writers about licensing a production, but no luck thus far…

Also, I love that this features my old IU pals Angie Perez and Amy Linden (belting those fierce high Fs):


And thank-you to Ryann Ferguson for posting this today:

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

I have really needed this message, in more ways than one.  It resonates a lot with what I’ve felt over the past year or so about my work in theatre (ie, realizing it’s rather disappointing), but it also is very motivating in terms of my recent decision to focus more on writing.  It dovetails with some advice from my friend, Gabe, who simply said “If you want to become a better writer, you simply have to put writing out there, even if it sucks.”

It’s the deadline thing Ira talks about that has been my biggest foible.  Self-imposed deadlines have been my nemesis for longer than I can count… hell, I can hardly meet externally imposed deadlines half the time.  But I do have this going for me:  I have, for around three weeks now, managed to publish something on this blog every Monday as planned.  I initially was going to shoot for Monday AND Thursday but figured I should start slow.  One day a week.  SURELY I can manage enough self-discipline to put something out into the internet cosmos one day a week.

And I have.  So far.

You have to build on the small victories, I think.


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