studio policies…


Instruction is offered at the rate of $60/hour.  For families with more than one student, a 25% discount will be applied for each additional child.


Students taking regular weekly lessons will be invoiced in advance of each month.  You may pay with credit card online, or by cash or check at the lesson.  Payment should be made by the first lesson of the month.  Payments not received by the second lesson of the month will be subject to a $15 late fee.

Students not on a regular schedule should render payment at each lesson.  Any unpaid lessons will be invoiced at the end of the month.

Returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee, which must be paid, along with the instruction fee, in guaranteed funds (e.g., cash, money order).

Attendance, Cancellations, and Makeups

Punctual attendance is expected for all lessons.  If you are running late, however, please call the studio at 781.436.5950 as soon as is convenient to let me know.

Cancellations MUST be communicated via EMAIL to  If email is not available, please call the studio at 781.436.5950.

Make-up lessons will be offered ONLY in the following situations:

  • Teacher cancellation (including school closings for inclement weather)
  • Lessons cancelled with at least twenty-four hours advance notice
  • Lessons cancelled with less than twenty-four hours advance notice for reasons of sudden illness or other emergency

Make-up lessons must be scheduled within one month of the missed lesson.  Make-ups not scheduled within one month will be forfeited.


The cost of music and other materials purchased on behalf of the student will be added to the next month’s invoice.  Every effort will be made to alert parents in advance of music purchases.  Any concerns should be emailed to

Building Rules

This studio is just one of many businesses operating at Trackside Plaza, and it is important that all students and family members treat the building and its other occupants with respect.


There is a shared restroom on the second floor of the building.  Students thirteen years and older will be permitted to walk to the restroom alone.  Students twelve years and younger must be accompanied by their parent.  If the parent is not present, the teacher will escort the student to the restroom and wait in the hall until the student is finished.  At no point will the teacher enter the restroom with the student.

Social Media

In this digitized world, interacting through social media is all but inevitable.  Though it can be a useful tool for making connections, it can also present a number of potential challenges.  This policy is intended to maintain reasonable boundaries between the teacher, student, and parent, while still enjoying the benefits social media has to offer.

Students and parents are welcome, and encouraged, to follow my Facebook page.  I will not “friend” any student, current or former, through my personal page until they have graduated from high school.

Students may also “follow” me on Spotify, for the purpose of creating shared playlists.

Any other interaction via social media is discouraged.  Absolutely ALL communication regarding lessons — billing questions, cancellations, etc. — MUST be made via email to  NO communication through social media in this regard will be considered valid.

If you have any concerns regarding social media practices, please do not hesitate to bring them to may attention.

Likeness Usage

The teacher may take photographs and/or videos of students, from time to time, for promotional use online or in print.

Students — or parents, for students under the age of eighteen — may opt out of this policy via email to

Agreement with Studio Policies

Rendering payment for instruction will imply agreement with all studio policies.