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what mardi gras means to me…

Jack Daniels. Yup.  In my mind, Mardi Gras will always stand out as the occasion on which I was first introduced to that tawny dark elixir that has been both the cause of and solution to so many of my life's problems. All the proof I need that God both exists and desires us to … Continue reading what mardi gras means to me…

another openin’…

Well, not just any other opening. Tonight, the Bloomington Playwrights Project -- "the only professional theatre in the state of Indiana devoted exclusively to new plays" -- will open its production of Make Me Bad, a brand-new, dark-and-twisted, psycho-thriller musical by writers Drew Gasparini and Alex Brightman. It's hot, it's edgy, it's already sold out its opening weekend. … Continue reading another openin’…

moving: final chapter (i live here now)

I realized today that I haven't written on the topic of "moving" in a while. Over two months, in fact. In large part, this is because I feel like I'm no longer in the process. I'm no longer "moving." I "have moved."  The experience is now in present perfect tense. The apartment is settled.  Alexander … Continue reading moving: final chapter (i live here now)

moving: chapter eight (the other new job)

In fairly short order, a second gig has come presented itself, and I will now be teaching voice and piano lessons for Bay Colony Performing Arts Academy in Foxborough, Massachusetts. I don't know many details right now, other than I'll be giving private lessons three days a week, for what sounds like a wide range … Continue reading moving: chapter eight (the other new job)

moving: chapter seven (the new job)

I finally have some positive job-related news to share with everyone -- I'm officially the new keyboardist for Christ Church United Methodist in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It's a small, but wonderful, congregation in a beautiful little pocket of New England and I've made fast friends with the Rev. Hope Luckie, the pastor, and Jeanne Lucas, the office … Continue reading moving: chapter seven (the new job)

moving: chapter six (the birthday)

So I've hit an important milestone -- my first birthday in Massachusetts.  And I spent it... alone. Unfortunately, Alexander has to be back in Bloomington to address some family stuff, so I've been left to my own devices since Wednesday (and trying my best to eat more than just macaroni salad from the grocery store..). … Continue reading moving: chapter six (the birthday)

moving: chapter five (what am i doing here?)

The self-doubt is settling in. This is not a pity piece.  I'm not sharing this to invite waves of well-wishing from all my friends back in Bloomington.  I just need to dwell a little bit on the challenges of entering a new job market. ***** I have no idea what I'm doing here.  The possibilities seem … Continue reading moving: chapter five (what am i doing here?)

moving: chapter four (the bureaucracy)

Taking yet another step to shift our existence from Indiana to Massachusetts, Alexander and I braved the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles this afternoon to convert our car's title and registration.It was not pleasant.I was certain I had everything prepared.  I had visited the state's RMV website, which laid out clearly (at least I believed) … Continue reading moving: chapter four (the bureaucracy)